What do you want to see!


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Nov 5, 2008
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With the Jordan All-American came coming up in about and hour and a half. What would you like to see from Tiny and TMG in this game? I think I would like to see TMG have a few more shots go down this time and Tiny out shine Demarcus Cousins by having more points and rebounds. For those who didn't know about the game. It comes on about 7:00p.m on ESPN2. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!
tmg to be a leader and dominate both offensively and defensively and tiny to show even better stamina
Just a solid performance by both our guys. Nothing more, nothing less. I am glad just to have them.:chestram2:
I just want to see the Sooners to be, dominate... that is all.
No injuries to either one of them, the rest is gravy to me.
I'd like to see the shots falling for TMG and I'd love for Tiny to continue the dominance he displayed in the McD's game, only this time I'd like him to be rewarded with an MVP Trophy. If his team would have won, he'd have that McD's Trophy.
I agree dd. Hopefully both have a good game and win. That way either one of them could be mvp. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!