Wrong #23 in OKC


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Nov 5, 2008
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Would have so rather seen Griffin in a Thunder uniform, instead of BJ Mullins
It's not like it came down to a decision between Blake and BJ Mullens.

I don't get it.
BJ had the higher Rival's ranking! I mean, he was ranked number One by rivals while Blake was ranked a mere 23rd, behind greats like Bill Walker, Kyle Singler, Donte Greene, JJ Hickson, Nick Calathes, Austin Freeman, Kousta Kornflakes, Patrick Patterson, Nayal Kowshal, the awesome Chandler Parsons, and Jamelle Horne! He was lucky to beat out Beas Hamga, the great who played at UNLV and now Valparaiso.


Sometimes I forget how good rivals is.
I can understand someone's desire to have Blake in OKC, but there was zero chance of it happening. The Thunder got their 2 guard for the next 5 - 10 years and a project C that may or may not workout, but that is the chance you have to take late in the first round.