1st and 2nd round in OKC next year (lotto)

Do we have to be a 3 seed or better to get play in Oklahoma City?
I thought it was at least a 4 seed but a higher seed bumps, like OU and Memphis bumped Kansas in KC. So it depends who is close and how they are seeded.
4 seed or better is correct. Even at a 4 though, we may lose preference to other "local" schools that are in our region if they have higher seeds.

We can always hope and maybe we can be next years Villanova that got to play at home.

4 seed or better is correct.


That's what I always thought since they went to the pod system. But then an 8-seed Ohio State was allowed to play in Dayton this year. Columbus to Dayton is 72 miles, which is obviously further than Norman-OKC. But it still seemed to be in contrast to what I thought the committee's general guidelines were for such a low seed. (Of course, in hindsight, it didn't do them any good since Siena beat them in the first round.)