Anyone think Thabeet could go #1?


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Nov 8, 2008
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I don't think it is out of the possibility. If he performs well at pre-draft camps, it is is possible. I am hoping Sacramento gets fixaed on Thabeet.
If the Clippers win the lotto I think Thabeet's chances to go number 1 go up immensely.
sam is a smart man. barring the clippers winning the lotto 0% chance, goes up to around 84.6% if they do.
I'm with Sam. Only the Clippers, and possibly MJ, could screw this one up.
Blake cemented the #1 pick vs North Carolina.

This will be an interesting draft after Blake. Even though his performance slipped late in the season I still like James Harden for the Thunder. He is a glue guy who can do everything well. He does need to shoot to have an impact. The Thunder already have plenty of trigger happy guys.
Who had the better NBA potential coming out of college.....Oden or Thabeet?
no chance he is overrated and plus they're others to go first.i just hope that blake stays in ok city:boomer:clap
No chance. Blake will be #1. Only other guy even with a chance would be John Wall if he can get into the draft.