Big 12 Late Signing Period Update


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Oct 31, 2008
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The Big 12 picked up some quality talent in the late signing period, proving that you can still find difference makers in the late period.

Baylor Bears
Baylor picked up Nolan Dennis (6'5'' 185), a top 60 player nationally. He chose Baylor over UCONN and Oklahoma. A terrific athlete who could have really played anywhere. Great late pickup for Scott Drew.

Texas A&M Aggies
Turgeon picked up Jeremy Adams (6'5'' 200). Adams is rated as the No. 2 player in Mississippi after averaging 27.2 points, 7.3 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 4.2 steals this season at Madison Central High School. He had three 40-point scoring games and earned all-division, all-metro and all-state honors. He had offers from A&M, Arkansas, Houston, Virginia, and South Florida.

Oklahoma State Cowboys
OSU picked up Jarred Shaw, who Travis Ford said probably wont qualify and probably wont be ready to play as a freshman. He is hoping he can play at this level in 2-3 years. His words, not mine. He is 6'10'', athletic, and can run. This is a "potential" recruit.

Texas Tech Red Raiders
Tech picked up David Tairu, a 6'3'' 180 juco guard out of the same program that produced Nick Okorie for them last year. He is said to be a great athlete, and a very similar player to Nick Okorie. He led his team in scoring with 17.5 points per game, was named the MVP of his conference, and a third team juco all-american.

Kansas State Wildcats
K-State will sign Devon Peterson, a 6'3'' 190 shooting guard out of junior college. He was the MVP of the New York State Tournament in high school, and averaged 23 points per game as a juco freshman for Broward County. He is supposed to be a good slasher and shooter.

Kansas Jayhawks
KU took advantage of the Memphis situation by landing the best shooting guard in the country. We all know his story, and KU landed a terrific player who could be what they needed to make them the preseason favorite for a national championship next year. He is a 6'6'' 210 shooting guard, a terrific athlete, and a big time shooter. He had 14 points in the MCDAA game.

Colorado Buffaloes
CU signed Shannon Sharpe, a 6'0'' 190 point guard out of Laurinberg Prep. He chose CU over Fresno State and New Mexico State. His youtube video shows an elite athlete, but there is probably a reason his offer list wasnt very impressive. He will probably redshirt since Tomlinson and Thorne return to man the point guard duties. CU will probably sign another player, and they are looking at some juco wings.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska signed two juco teammates, and filled some needs doing so. Lance Jeter is a 6'3'' 225 point guard who was the MVP of his conference this year as a sophomore. He averaged 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game. A few days after he committed, Cookie Miller transferred. Jeter originally went to Cincy out of high school as a wide receiver, after he was named Pittsburghs athlete of the year because he was a great football and basketball player in high school. The other guy they signed is Quincy Hankins, a 6'8'' 240 power forward who averaged 16 and 12 in juco.

Iowa State, Mizzou, Oklahoma, and Texas have not signed anyone in the late period. I think all but Texas were looking but just havent found anyone yet. Mizzou lost out on Famous, and Oklahoma lost out on Dennis.
Bill Self has been amazing at picking up talent late in the game. Rush, Arthur, Tyshawn Taylor, Morris Twins, and now the Henry boys. All signed after April 1st.
We really weren't/aren't looking that hard fwiw.
We really weren't/aren't looking that hard fwiw.

I am pretty sure OU was looking real hard at Orton and Dennis.

Bill Self has been amazing at picking up talent late in the game. Rush, Arthur, Tyshawn Taylor, Morris Twins, and now the Henry boys. All signed after April 1st.

That's very impressive.
Not sure I believe that. We're still chasing some kids, and I bet we sign SOMEBODY before it is all over with.

Yea, don't believe it at all actually. OU has tried to get Orton and Dennis, and we all know it. Capel said he wants to sign another player as well.
Not sure I believe that. We're still chasing some kids, and I bet we sign SOMEBODY before it is all over with.

I bet we don't. I don't care if you believe it or not....its the truth. Both Orton and Dennis expressed interest in OU (Orton actually told Capel that he was coming to OU), but the staff is content with who we are bringing in right now. The only way I see us taking anybody is if we get a transfer or someone else falls in our lap like Dennis and Orton almost did.

The only way we were for sure going to get someone was if WW went pro.

I am really not sure what the OU/Dennis situation ever was. The kid wanted to start, and OU couldn't really offer a legit chance at that. He wasn't going to start over a three year starter and a the Big 12 freshman of the year, and I don't think he is a better PG than TMG. You do the math.
Looks like most of the dominoes have fallen from coaching attrition. A couple of guys I personally liked have committed and I don't think OU was in on them. Vee Sanford out of Kentucky committed to Georgetown and Terrell Vinson out of Maryland committted to UMass. The things would be an upgrade for OU, a defensive post, and a combo guard that could shoot and handle were what Orton and Dennis embodied. There aren't those type of instant contributors left. Rico Pickett would be that type of guy I wouldn't mind him because I don't think he will affect 2010 recruits. OU is clearly not in on him and some other. GJ Vilarino would be a detrimental signing in my opinion. He's a developmental PG and he would undoubtedly influence a 2010 recruit. I wouldn't make that gamble for someone who's not going to play right away. I wouldn't be suprised if OU is putting out feelers for some of the very few guys left and if they get positive feedback, they will recruit.
there are rumblings that devon peterson won't qualify for ksu. honestly, this spring does not appear to be going well for ksu.