Capel is now a father of two

That's awesome! Congrats coach!!!!
Also, love the fact he's twittering about the NBA. Another reason why he's so great at recruiting. He's young and cool and you gotta know he's selling getting to the league to the recruits.
Congratulations to you and the wife coach. Coach Coale needs to get over to your house and recruit those two. :clap
congrats for jeff and his family.

these are important times for him and his family. for various reasons the Stoops family fell even more in love with OK/Norman once they had their kids and they started to grow up. let's hope Capel catches the same bug and continues to call Norman home for long time to come.
Does anybody happen to know if Capel's first daughter Cameron is named after Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium?
No. Her name is Sydney. My first thought was that I wonder if the Capel family has connections with former NBA player Sidney Lowe.