New guy listing OU, Amir Williams

Seymore Cox

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Nov 12, 2008
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One of the better performances from a rising junior was turned in by Amir Williams from The Family. In a game against All-Ohio Red, Williams was an impressive force down low. At 6-foot-9 with good athleticism and a long wing span, Williams blocked at least a half dozen shots, and altered numerous others. In fact his presence alone caused All-Ohio to rely exclusively on perimeter jumpers. Then on offense Williams showed some aggressiveness and a decent touch from the foul line. Overall it was a huge improvement from just a week previous in Akron.

Amir Williams has interest from Michigan State, Miami, Notre Dame, UCLA, and Oklahoma to go with an offer from the in-state Wolverines of Michigan.

This is intersesting not because he's listing OU. Who knows if OU has a real shot at this kid. But what does jump out is his high school. He goes to Country Day with Ray McCallum. It tells you the type of recruiting that OU is doing. I wonder if Taliefero is recruiting that area, because he is familiar with that part of the country. He recruited Olu Fatumini out of Michigan and Patrick Berverly out of Chicago to Arkansas.