Over/Unders for this upcoming season


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Nov 8, 2008
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Just some numbers I thought that might help spark some discussion on this upcoming season.
If you got one you want to throw out there feel free to do it.

30 Point Games for Willie Warren
Over/Under 5
This number might seem high but remember Willie's ability to just catch fire like he is one of those old NBA Jam games from deep. He broke 30 twice this season as the number 2 option and with flirted with 30 a couple other times. But still 30 is a tall order and Blake

Double Doubles for Keith "Tiny" Gallon
Over/Under 8
Tiny is going to get his points more likely then not but from I am pretty sure he is not going to be a vacuum down low like Blake . We got spoiled with Blake and all his doubles including some 20/20s so expecting 20 + from a freshman like Tiny might be a little too much but for reference Blake had 10 double doubles as true frosh.

Games started by Orlando "Big O" Allen
Over/Under 18
From the signs I've seen it appears Orlando has the inside track to starting opposite of Tiny. He has best size among the 3 contenders (Ryan, Drew and him) along with an increase in work ethic he could end up being a good option at the 5 with the ability to rebound and block/alter shots. But Ryan Wright has the most experience and could be the safe bet to take some of his starts and then Drew Fitzgerald is a wild card who could be very Kevin Bookout like down low.

75 Points per game
Last season we had offensive explosion in averaging 79 points a game after averaging around 67.5 points per game in Capel's first two seasons. From what I've read Capel has supported a up tempo style and last year was the first year we saw a true form of it. Now with TMG we might be better at pushing up the floor over AJ who threw some nice lob passes but overall was more on the cautious side. But at the same time we lose Blake's ability to secure the defensive board and fly up the court and score an instant 2 points if the ball is somewhere in his general vicinity when throw to him on a lob.
So will continue to fill it up at a high rate or take a step back to previous Capel seasons?
I'll play. Nice thread, sam.

1. Over. I will say 6. I am also going to say that one of those games will be a 40 point show!

2. Under. Back to life without Blake where double doubles are hard to come by. He might get close to 8 but I just don't see him getting more....hope I am wrong though.

3. Under. Two things could happen to thwart this number. 1. Ryan starts and O backs up both he and Tiny. 2. Drew takes over midyear.

4. Over. This team will have no problems scoring. It is on the other end that worries me. Look for a similar number to last year's ppg.
1. Under. 30 points is a huge game. Willie did it twice last year. I expect he'll do it 2-3 more times this year.

2. Over. I really hope Tiny has at least 10 double-doubles because we are going to need it from him. If he has less than 8 I think it will be a tough year.

3. Under. I don't expect Orlando to start more than a couple of games unless there is an injury to Tiny.

4. Over. I expect us to be more high-paced. Not as consistent but capable of having big nights scoring.
1. Over. I still don't get why people aren't more fired up about Willie this year. He is a scorer like Blake is a rebounder. With a year's experience and with the offense geared to feature him I expect him to have some monster games.

2. Under. I'm not sure what kind of rebounder Tiny is, but double digits in college is tough. Blake really spoiled us (I personally think he could be a league-leading rebounder in the league). With the shorter games, all the zone and all the dribble drive offense and outside shooting in the college game, it is just a lot harder to get a ton of boards. 8 is a pretty good number though, but I would have to say under right now...

3. Under? Really not sure of how to answer this one, still a lot to learn...

4. Over. Maybe a little optimistic, but I don't think total points will be an issue for next year. The thing OU loses most offensively by losing Blake is efficiency. They will be a much less efficient offense almost certainly, but I think the total points will keep going up...