South Carolina at LSU


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Nov 5, 2008
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I watched the South Carolina vs LSU game last night. It reminded me of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. LSU was hot in the first half and Angel Reese and KM exhibited their usual behavior. South Carolina closed to within 5 at halftime. South Carolina didn't panic, just kept doing their thing. On LSU's good plays, there was a lot of mugging for the crowd and camera and probably a lot of trash talk although you couldn't really see it on TV. But South Carolina was staying close and Angel Reese was piling up fouls. She fouled out with about 7 or 8 minutes left in the game. A poster on RebKell's Junkie board made this comment and I agree:

Maybe Kim is not the great coach people think she is? She made an awful mistake with her timeouts in the 4Q and was left with none in the crucial last minutes of the game. And Bayou Barbie fouling out? Wow. Those two things sealed the deal. Dawn's court management was so much better in the second half. It looked like the Tigers ran out of gas at the end of both halves.
LSU has no bench, after losing Smith to a knee injury and another guard for undisclosed's natural that their starters are getting tired at the end of halves, IMO. South Carolina is loaded with talent, and I think even better than they were last year. It'll be interesting to see if any team can beat them this year. I think it's better to lose now than at the final four, for the first time. I bet Dawn would agree with me. Both are great at what they do, just do it differently is all.