Writer Slams Wayman upon his Death!!!!

This is the part of sports that gives me angst.

And the reason that occasionally, I have to go on a hiatus from all sports.
Let me get this straight.after all his accomplishments and all the accolades he received on the court and all the well deserved and glowing tributes he received off the court this hack chooses to remember an incident from almost 25 years ago? Interesting how the article was supposedly about the lack of class the sooners showed that night.I guess with some people u just don't get it.
Wow...no way to even really see his perspective on writing that. The way Tubbs coached certainly set himself up for this type of thing, but I honestly just can't figure out what in the world makes a guy think he should write that story. It honestly was barely even about Wayman. Weird...
even the KU fans are on him in the comments.

They have to be. If an OU writer inadvertently tried to make the OU fans look like a bunch of whiny losers who carry a 25 year grudge, we'd hammer that writer as well. I wouldn't have had a problem with the article if the writer did this a few months back as a 25 year anniversary piece. But to wait for the DEATH of someone to write that is mind-boggling. It is the most senseless article I've ever read.

Not that it matters, but KU got their revenge on the court four years later, and their fan base was every bit as disrespectful to the Sooners as Billy was to them. I notice that loser didn't mention that in his article.
The good ole Lawrence Journal World, journalism at its finest. That guy and his editor should be ashamed of themselves for writing and printing that garbage.
Horrible, horrible article. Like someone brought up the article barely mentioned Wayman so to use his death as a catalyst to write that article was awful. The article should have been about Wayman and how great of a person he was.
Awesome article. I remember the situation well. Billy Ball at it's finest an an example of what dorks Kansas fans are.
"Ooh look at me, I'm writing something controversial!"

That's all it is folks, a cry for publicity.
My first reaction when I saw the header on this post was that it was a typical hack-job by former Mizzou Antler Randy Holtz (formerly of the Rocky Mountain News). My second guess would have been a Jayhawk homer.

Here's the fool's bio. I really hope he has the guts to show up in Norman in 2011 and becomes the first columnist to ever need a police escort. His face is included in this link: http://www2.ljworld.com/staff/chuck_woodling/
"Ooh look at me, I'm writing something controversial!"

That's all it is folks, a cry for publicity.


Classless Shock Jocking at its worst...... What a loser.
I emailed the guy and told him that, quality person that he was, Wayman would have forgiven him for his ridiculous column, though I doubted many of his readers would.
I take most articles from sports writers with a grain of salt but this one isn't worth wasting that much salt.
I have no idea why anybody has their panties in a wad over this article.

If you attended OU at the time like I did this was an awesome event that would have never been possible had Wayman not attended OU.

This is good journalism reporting an important event in a persons life at their passing. It brought back great memories for me and probably not so great ones for Kansas fans. Regardless, it was a big event and was only possible due to the greatness of Wayman Tisdale.
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With only eight seconds remaining in the OT and the Sooners leading, 92-80, OU coach Billy Tubbs called a timeout with the apparent purpose of rubbing the KU’s fans’ noses in it. During that break, OU players and coaches waved at the crowd — some reportedly using the derisive middle-finger gesture — and a few of the fans responded by throwing ice and cups on the floor.


that's awesome.

that's awesome.

It was awesome fatty. Then WE CUT DOWN THE NETS at Allen Field House baby!!!!! All those gayhawk dorks who had been talking smack threw a hissy fit.

And Wayman was right up there cutting them down with his biggest smile ever.
This man will be in my prayers. It is the wrong time for a story like this. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!