3 rules changes for next season......

Salt City Sooner

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Feb 12, 2009
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1. No taking charges in the area between the backboard & the front of the rim (as far as I'm concerned this was already being called, see Blake vs. KSU 2years ago).

2. Expanded use of replay for flagrant fouls.

3. In the case of a player who is too injured to shoot his free throws, the opposing coach gets to choose who shoots them, & it must be 1 of the 4 players who was on the court at the time of the injury.

I like the third rule. I don't think coaches tell their bad free throw shooters to fake injuries in a late game situation, but if there is any sign of injury they play it up. Also I like the NBA's rule that if you are too injured to shot the free throws then you can't come back in the game.
I don't like rule 3. If they really get one of your good players hard, then they get to pick Orlando Allen to shoot free throws if he is on the floor.

As a coach, I just don't like that rule. They inflicted something on your team and they get to choose what happens.
I think they made rule #2 because of rule #3.
I think they made rule #2 because of rule #3.

Yeah, It is pretty hard to deliberately foul someone hard enough to injure them and not get called for a flagrant foul, which would defeat the purpose. I don't think it will have much affect.
gah.... rule number 2 is going to be so annoying... if a player does anything it was a flagrant foul in the NBA playoffs....
Thank God for rule #1

Exactly! Rule #2 and #3 are minor changes in comparison. The only problem I see with rule #1 if that it will still put too much of a burden on officials to make a judgment call on whether the defender was set up inside that imaginary area between the backboard and the front of the rim. Why not take the next step and define that area with a broken line the way the NBA is doing it?

I'll add that Salt Sooner is correct in that the rule was being called sometimes, but the officials were not consistent. Maybe now they will be.