And OU's a lot closer to being in the top twenty than oswho is to matching OU. We're about 9,000 behind ut, who sit at #20, and oswho is 35,000 behind us.
Thanks for the link BigTime, I love it, let's keep it up Sooner fans.
Texas Tech led the country with an increase of 2,330 fans per game

Thought this was actually funny considering a couple of the games of United I saw on the tube.

Nice step for OU. Would be nice to jump up near 12k for next season.
I have been to a few UT games and I seriously doubt they averaged 13K in actual attendance last year. I suspect those numbers reflect tickets sold not actual attendance.
That Texas Tech increase has to be bogus. Maybe this is the first year they got their number from ticket sales instead of actual attendance, because I thought Tech has LESS attendance this year than they had in a long time.
Does anybody have a link with the complete list?

Here you go:


The Sooners are ranked #10 in attendance increase over the previous season. Major props to the Capelables and OU's marketing and athletic departments for their efforts to make that happen!

OU is also ranked #20 in attendance at all games (home, road and neutral court), proving Sooner basketball is popular nationwide.
Iowa State has the best hoops fans in the conference imo.
You guys as far as Tech, Texas, and even OSU goes in this deal, these are tickets sold. They are not actual attendance. All three of the above schools actually had far less attendance than what is shown.

OU, ISU, and Kansas actually had close to the number listed. Except for some of the lesser nonconference games, the Sooners had nearly as many actual attendees as tickets sold. I think that is very cool!