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The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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I don't think enough gets said about how good of a coach and recruiter this guy really has been for OU/Jeff Capel. Nearly every report that I read has the recruit raving about how cool Coach Cline is and what a great job he has done recruiting that player. He has done such a great job with guys like Longar, Nate Carter, and Taylor Griffin (did anyone think Taylor would be drafted at the start of this last season?). He also has a keen scouting eye that allows us to get in on guys before other programs.

I hope he stays around as long as Coach Capel does because he is a huge asset to this program.

Here's to you, Coach Mark Cline! :clap Keep it up!

Completely agree. He has done a great job with the post man and I can tell you he does a great job recruiting the player, his family and the coaches.
I couldn't agree more! Mark Cline is one of the best assistants in the country, and OU is darned lucky to have him. Fact is, Coach Capel has put a top notch staff together, with Cline and OT at the top of that list.
Cline is the complete package as an assistant and a future head coach somewhere. He is very knowledeable about basketball, especially on the defensive end. I think recruiting is the biggest suprise about him. In a sport where African American assistants and these hybrid AAU coaches who get jobs have an upperhand on white asssistants, he holds his own and then some against these guys.

Yup! Big ups to Mr. Coach Cline.
Coach Cline is a GREAT coach! He can recruit and he knows the game of basketball inside and out. He will be a head coach one day and when he is, he will be a great leader. I can't say enough good things about this guy. He's high class all the way.
Yeah, he's from Wake, coached with Capel's dad at NC A&T and ODU. He coached with Capel and VCU.