Doron Lamb to visit OU....


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Nov 3, 2008
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Lamb has already made a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, and it appears the Jayhawks won’t be the only Big 12 program Lamb visits in August.
“I’m going to visit OU too,” said Lamb.
Lamb’s currently list of schools of interest is pretty impressive. Along with Kansas, Lamb said his list consist of Kentucky, Oklahoma, UConn, Rutgers, Arizona, Marquette, and Pitt.
A poster on rivals had some good info on Lamb as well. His teammate, P'shon Howard talked about how much Lamb likes OU.
Taylor + Lamb + Clark + Cobbins would likely equal another Top 10, an possibly Top 5, class. Thanks for the info guys.
:jcapel :tiny

I am sure both of these guys are in his ear.
I would love to have Lamb as the big dog of this class. Hopefully TMG and Tiny can help, especially since TMG would get to play with Lamb for a few years.