Fitz and old TRob


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Nov 2, 2008
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Hawk fan to Meyer:

What was the deciding factor that shifted Thomas Robinson from #18 down to #31 ?

Meyer's Response:

High level rebounder but rest of his game hasn't developed like we expected this year. Felt like we get a little too excited about him since we got our first look at him late in the summer and over ranked him a bit.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald jumped 11 spots. I would rather progress than regress. Go Fitz Go! :clap
Once again this just shows the heart and determination that AF plays with. He is ferocious on the boards and has the body to carve out space in the lane like the one and only Ernie Abercrombie. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!:clap
He's going to be a great high post guy and I think is clearly a better scorer than his teammate. OU needs rebounds so I hope that rubs off from Robinson.
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So...if he's a high post guy...and Tiny's a high post guy...and Juan P is a high post guy...who's going to play the low post?
Has Meyer ever explained his higher ranking of Penn than TMG?
So...if he's a high post guy...and Tiny's a high post guy...and Juan P is a high post guy...who's going to play the low post?

Interesting observation pnkranger. You hit on something that is real crucial. Generally the Low post guy is your banger and cut and seal guy. Generally the bigger guy is the low post guy. When we had Blake and Longar, Longar was actually the low post guy because he had the better 12ft game and was not as physical as Blake. Your observation, which I agree with is the guys who we anticipate to get the most PT are in the mold of high post players. I do think if you look at things from a pure skill perspective, Fitz and Gallon are really the ones with high post skills. Juan doesn't have those skill and infact it has been bad news for OU when Juan has caught the ball that far away from the basket. Juan doesn't have post moves, but he definetely is a low post guy in my opinion because if he manages to catch the pass, he can get to the rim quick. Big O is are only pure Low post guy and that should carve him some minutes. Hardrick is a low post guy, but the consensus is he's not read. I think Tiny is going to have to acclimate himself as a low post guy. Tiny doesn't have great post moves, but does have great touch around the basket. Fitz is a guy who does have great post moves and great touch. He's a bigger version of PJ Tucker. His problem is while he has great footwork and great touch, he's not quick off his feet and he's not a great leaper. I think that if Capel gets Dennis, this will let us go 4 guards for small periods of time and run a 4 out 1 in offense with a high post, three shooter, and a penitrator.