Fox Sports top 10 returning in 2010

That is the most asinine list I have seen since Dickie V put out his last list.

Does this guy even watch college basketball?
Wow, what a horrible list. Cole Aldrich? WTF!?!?!

Here is the real list:

10.) Kyle Singler
9.) Cole Aldrich
8.) Patrick Patterson
7.) James Anderson
6.) Luke Harangody
5.) Sherron Collins
4.) Craig Brackins
3.) Evan Turner
2.) Al Farouq Aminu
1.) Willie Warren
Yeah, that's a wacky list... but how would you rank them?

By NBA Potential:
1. Willie Warren
2. Cole Aldrich
3. Ed Davis
4. Evan Turner
5. Al-Farouq Aminu
6. Greg Monroe
7. Devin Ebanks
8. Patrick Patterson
9. Solomon Alabi
10. Kyle Singler
11. Tyshawn Taylor
12. Craig Brackins
13. James Anderson
14. Jerome Jordan
15. Trevor Booker

I think that's a good way to rank them...

How about what they did last year? By wins produced:
1. Kenneth Faried
2. Cole Aldrich
3. Luke Harangody
4. Trevor Booker
5. Jared Quayle
6. Manny Harris
7. Talor Battle
8. Patrick Patterson
9. Jarvis Varnado
10. Evan Turner
11. Jerome Randle
12. Lavoy Allen
13. Gordon Hayward
14. Marqus Blakely
15. Damian Saunders

What about a projection of what they will do this year? By wins produced:

1. Kenneth Faried
2. Gordon Hayward
3. Trevor Booker
4. Cole Aldrich
5. Luke Harangody
6. Jared Quayle
7. Greg Monroe
8. Tommy Brenton
9. Jarvis Varnado
10. Gregory Echenique
11. Devin Ebanks
12. Joshua Henley
13. Manny Harris
14. William Mosley
15. Patrick Patterson
16. Marqus Blakely
17. James Anderson
18. Damion James
19. Joseph Harris
20. Jerome Randle

(I used some of my fantasy baseball projection know-how for that... but playing time is really difficult to predict without going team-by-team in basketball.)

(My wins produced data probably isn't quite accurate for how it adjusts for schedule strength... thus lower level players showing up. That said, it may be right--we don't get to see many matchups between, say, Faried and Aldrich.)

EDIT: A corrected top 20 projected for next year (I am now including the appropriate "aging/growing" curves and minutes played curves individually for each position):

1. Cole Aldrich
2. Luke Harangody
3. Trevor Booker
4. Gordon Hayward
5. Kenneth Faried
6. Tommy Brenton
7. Jared Quayle
8. Greg Monroe
9. Jarvis Varnado
10. Gregory Echenique
11. Joshua Henley
12. William Mosley
13. Devin Ebanks
14. Manny Harris
15. Patrick Patterson
16. Marqus Blakely
17. Omar Samhan
18. Jerome Jordan
19. Jesse Sanders
20. Damion James
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Here are the top RETURNING teams for this year, ranked by projected wins produced (which is a pretty accurate measure of strength of team). This includes no new recruits:
1. Kansas
2. Michigan
3. Tennessee
4. Mississippi St.
5. California
6. Butler
7. Minnesota
8. Purdue
9. Michigan St.
10. West Virginia

A few surprises: could Michigan actually be good? I don't know about their recruiting class. Mississippi St.? Wait, are they getting Renardo Sidney? They could be a really good team next year!
Wow, what a horrible list. Cole Aldrich? WTF!?!?!

ABD why you hatin' on my boy Cole aka "The Stiff" Aldrich? Dude is a BEAST.
WW is way to low on that list. James Anderson ahead of him is just stupid. James Anderson on that list is just stupid. Is good for the Big 12 that 5 of the 10 on the list are Big 12 players though. Pretty impressive.
Has Aldrich been going through any agility drills this summer?

I would go ask the "people" on the phog, but I'm banned.