Funniest Moments of the Last Season


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Feb 4, 2009
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To me, the funniest thing I saw all year was Juan guarding Keiton Page. It only happened for a few seconds, but my lord I cracked up. Something tells me that every time Juan got with in a foot of Page the officials grabbed their whistles. :pattillo
Blake sending that ball off the Purdue guy's head.
Right up there with the Blake play is interacting with the OSU fans right after the win in Stillwater, they were not in a good mood.
unc's player of the year trying to dunk on OU's player of the year!!!lol
TJ "mighty Mouse" Franklin and free throw gate.

That may have been funny to you, but I was going to throw the remote through my TV screen when all that happened. The over/under for that game was 135 points, and I took the over. OU led 71-63 when that little (expletive) bricked four straight free throws. How does a guard miss four straight free throws? Then, Beau Gerber came to my rescue and sank two free throws with less than 10 seconds left in the game. I'm not a high roller, but I had a significant amount of money on the over. T.J. Franklin nearly ruined my day.
The dunk Blake got in the OSU game in Norman when he motioned everyone away from the basket and the OSU players left him a wide open lane for a dunk.