Majok majok

I haven't heard anything except that OU has an interest, as does several Big East schools, including the apparent leader for his services, UCONN. Majok is said to have a huge upside. But as you pointed out, he still has a ways to go to be an elite power forward. had this to say about him in April:

April, 2009: Majok has a tremendous upside and his basketball days lie ahead of him. He has very good length as well as ample strength that allows him to rebound the ball in traffic on both ends of the floor. He also has good leaping ability, though he needs to continue to work on his ability to finish around the hoop in traffic. He runs the floor very well and can score on the break with relative ease. He can also his the short jumper in the 10-feet range, but he also needs to continue to work on his post moves and footwork with his back to the basket.
Ater Majok, who I believe is a cousin, is a UConn player who will be eligible next year. Maybe UConn can turn him into the next Ajou Ajou Deng.