OU at BYU 8pm 1/3

75-63 win. Much like the UCF game we won by limiting turnovers, rebounding and playing good defense but struggled again shooting 3s particularly in the 2nd half. Skylar scored 19 to lead us. Saturday we play Cincinnati at noon.
We looked so much better these last two games. I really hope this is a permanent change and moving forward we continue to limit TOs. Against Southern we had 28...the last two games combined have been less than that total (12 & 14), so perhaps that loss was an eye-opener. I also really hope KJ continues to go for her offense, as she does seem to have some back to the basket post moves, and we need it. Reyna Scott has got to stop turning the ball over. As a pg, you'd think she'd have the least amount of TOs, but she alone had 5 TOs out of the 14 total last game.