OU to vist TJ Taylor on Tuesday


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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It would be nice to go ahead and get the commitment train rolling. I wonder if Coach will slow play this kid a bit? I think TJ could be another John Roberson type of kid, so I hope we take him if he is willing to commit. He can really get to the lane, and has the body to take a hit and still finish. He needs to work on his jumper. He is a plus defender and good passer (especially running the open floor).
The plus with TJ is you can tell PG's he's a 2 and you can tell wings he's a pg. He really doesn't hurt you in being recruited against. I personally would like for the Dennis situation to be over with before we get a commit, but I would like this kid to commit. I suspect he'll get a conditional offer that says commit now or no offer.
I actually don't think it will be Capel considering the hoops banquet tomorrow. I guess we will see which assistant is missing and figure out who is going. I assume it will be Cline or OT. bbhoops told us that Cline will be in Whicita seeing Perry Ellis (2012) on Wednesday.

Edit: on second thought, Denison is not far away at all from Norman, so maybe Coach will go see him right after school and make it back for the banquet?