Peters ranked 84th in Rivals latest 2011 rankings

We're in on a few of those guys, including Nash, Miles, Gipson, Madden, and Amir Johnson. Wonder what type of summer the kid from PCO is having...........Rainey.
He's 56th on ESPN.
He is not ranked on the recently updated scout one though.

Also apparently we're in on Naadir Thrope, a 4 star, 5'11 PG who is ranked 62nd. He is also listed as going to Brewster Academy along with Peters.
Man I want Lebryan Nash really bad. I heard the kid is a flat out stud and he needs to be our number one player we are after.
So which site is better for basketball recruiting? I see that TJ is #95 on rivals and #31 in ESPN.
Rivals is a little bit more indept. However all of these guys make errors in evaluation.
I thought Nash was related to Eaton (half brothers). Did I make that up?

If so it makes the little guy to our north tough to beat
Nash could be Eaton's twin at this point, it wouldn't matter. I highly doubt he goes to OSU. Quite frankly, if OU were to get him, they would have to beat out the best of the best. This guy hasn't been a secret and has been a nationally know name since he was in the seventh grade.