Our Softball Team, from Coaches down to the last bench player are tremendous and have been for years.

Who is the best coach ever at OU? Gasso is challenging Wilkinson for number 1 in my opinion!

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Good person to follow on Twitter. He announces transfers. Justin McLeod @justfactsmaam. Brooke Vestal in the portal from Ole Miss to A&M.
2024 Softball Roster (Updated July 18, 2023)

While there is a limit to the number of scholarships for Softball (12),there is no limit to the size of a Softball roster. With the latest addition, the 2024 OU Roster now numbers 20 players (same as the 2023 roster).

The last of the "Covid Softball Players" will use up their eligibility in the 2024 season.

**** 2023 Softball Players Departed (as of July 18, 2023)
> Graduated (4) - Grace Lyons; Haley Lee; Alex Storako; Grace Green
> Transfer Portal (3) - Jordy Bahl; Sophia Nugent; Jocelyn Erickson
(These 7 departures have been replaced by 4 inbound freshmen and 3 inbound transfers)

2024 Roster (below) is Sorted by Remaining Eligibility of Each Player and Incoming Recruiting Classes
2023 Roster:
Note: First Softball Season in the SEC will be 2025.
The 2024 Recruiting Class (committed players listed) will enroll in 2024 and play in 2025.

2024 is Last Year of Eligibility (** Extra Covid Season)
> Kinzie Hansen / C / RS-Senior** / Norco, California
> Rylie Boone / OF / RS-Senior** / Owasso, Oklahoma
> Alynah Torres / OF / RS-Senior** / Glendale, Ariz (Arizona State)
> Tiare Jennings / 2B / Senior / San Pedro, California
> Jayda Coleman / CF / Senior / The Colony, Texas
> Alyssa Brito / 3B / Senior / Tustin, California (Oregon)
> Nicole May / RHP / Senior / Pleasanton, California
> Karlie Keeney / RHP / RS-Senior** / Providence, Kentucky (Grad Transfer from Liberty)
> Riley Ludlam / C-SS / RS-Senior** / Fort Myers, Florida (Grad Transfer from Furman)

2025 is Last Year of Eligibility
> Cydney Sanders / 1B / Junior / San Marcos, Calif (Arizona State)

2026 is Last Year of Eligibility
> Paytn Monticelli / RHP / Cedarburg, Wisconsin / Transfer from Wisconsin
> Hanna Coor / OF / RS-Soph / Yorba Linda, California (2023 Medical Redshirt)
> Quincee Lilio / UTL / RS-Soph / Oceanside, California
> Kierston Deal / LHP / Sophomore / Winston Salem, NC
> Avery Hodge / INF / Sophomore / Richmond, Texas

2027 is Last Year of Eligibility
> SJ Geurin / LHP / RS-Freshman / Leander, Texas (2022 Recruit that Redshirted in 2023)
> Ella Parker / UTL / Freshman / Los Angeles, California
> Kasidi Pickering / OF / Freshman / Humble, Texas
> Nelly McEnroe-Marinas / INF / Freshman / Waianae, Hawaii
> Maya Bland / OF / Freshman / Argyle, Texas

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The Recruiting Class of 2024 currently has 7 commitments, compared to 9 players that will end their eligibility in 2024. The players listed bellow will be high school seniors in 2023-24.

> Tia Malloy (INF)- LH Hitter
> Audrey Lowry LHP/UT
> Corri Hicks C- RH Hitter (power)
> Kadey Lee McKay SS/INF- LH Hitter (power)
> Sydney Barker SS- RH Hitter
> Gabriella Garcia INF- RH Hitter (power)
> Cheney Helton CF- LH Hitter
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Sounds like Jennings will be moving to SS.
I know a lot of speculation was that britto would move there but I just never saw it
Kinda weird that for all of OUs recruiting success, they have to move someone to a different position. Not bashing at all, just curious.
Kinda weird that for all of OUs recruiting success, they have to move someone to a different position. Not bashing at all, just curious.
middle infielders play like positions ... this is not rare at all .. and Jennings was a SS (like a ton of these girls in High school) and would have been the starting SS at almost every team in the nation the last 3 years ..
Jayda was a SS in HS; the only lefty I’ve ever seen be able to play it & play it well. Just goes to show how good of a pure athlete she really is.
Bummer… down 2-3 5th inning to Washington. Winning streak in jeopardy ..
sooner magic travels, streak survives.
Yes, it does! I watched an exciting game last night, kept me up until well past my usual bedtime.

I had all but given up hope for an OU win when Washington still had the lead going into the sixth inning. But Sooner Magic tied the game, and two extra innings later struck again to keep the streak alive at 56 straight wins!