Thank you for the kind words, Pokes.

Classy thread! This proves that WT was a great ambassador for all Oklahomans, not just Sooner fans. How could anyone not love a guy like him?
I echo what Big and Ada have said. Truly awesome show of class and sportsmanship by the poke fans. GOD bless you guys.....
I saw a few and was very pleased with the kind posts. I also posted the news myself on boards for Tech and A&M and at least got a few results (all positive).

Would it be tacky for me to point out that the UT board at has no posts at all about Tisdale's passing? I like to think even they have at least enough heart to be decent about it. The OU board has a post that I started, and it's gotten lots of positive, kind comments from outside of Oklahoma (fans from UConn, KU, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Louisville and Missouri, among others).