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Nov 10, 2008
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Raoul has added an OU page to his WBB Blog. This is the most comprehensive source of recruiting information that I have been able to find For NCAA women’s basketball.

Thanks, Soonercuda. That link will be really helpful to keep track of things. I notice the tallest prospects on our 2025 list are 6-2. I guess we just can't get in on any good 6-5s.
Would be really surprised if Skylar doesn't come back, to play one year with her sister.
I saw an interview with Skylar a few weeks ago and the interviewer mentioned Zya signing in November and Skylar said she was looking forward to playing with her sister for a year.

I also expect most everyone back next year...but the nature of the portal and current state of college athletics is such that I would be surprised if 1 or 2 don't transfer looking for playing time. But Jennie has been really good at retaining players even in the current portal era.