Where would you rank the Sooners in a pre-season poll?


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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This is a tough task for me. On one hand, we have several experienced guards returning, three burger boys, and arguably the best player in the best league in college basketball. On the other hand, losing Pattillo really hurt, our post depth scares me, and we have lots of young guys coming into the program.

The sky is the limit for this group come March, but where would you rank us right now?

I will say #12 and third in the Big 12 behind the beakers and the whorns.

What say you?
I would say #18 based on post depth and unkown play from the post players. I also think they will end up quite a bit higher than that by the end of the year with a little luck.
I would say around 20. Our backcourt may be the best OU backcourt since Hollis/Ere/Detrick/White but our frontcourt doesnt have one proven college player.
#18 nationally
#5 in Big 12 behind Kansas, Texas, Kansas State, and Texas A&M