WW Will He Stay or Go?


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Feb 16, 2009
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If this is uncool delete it... But damn his decision which is coming SOON it affects next yrs team more than almost any factor I can think of. What is the word? I haven't heard BigTime or Quick post their thoughts on this issue. Is that a good or bad sign? I have seen them post thoughts on if he does and if he doesn't come back(as it relates to other things) but not if they think he will or he won't.

Is WW coming back or is it just a who the hell knows situation?
I sure hope he stays... I would hate to see OU drop to the middle of the pack next year.
Big said in an earlier post he thinks he stays, FWIW.

I think he'll stay too, but that's just pure speculation. I just think next year's class isn't that great and he has a lot to gain by staying. If he didn't have so much confidence, I'd say he'd be gone for sure with the prospect of having to play w/o Blake, but since it will be his team and he's up for the challenge, I think he'll stay.
Big said in an earlier post he thinks he stays, FWIW.

Awesome, I missed it...I also think he stays but this draft being "weak" might be weighing on him.... I agree WW the player benefits by staying a 2nd year.
This decision seems really tough for him and I want to believe that what he has been saying all along is true (that he will be back), but part of me thinks he is going to leave because he has that possibility of being a very high pick. It would hurt, and I don't think it is the best decision for him, but there are so many other factors that go in to a player's decision that won't make me judge his decision if he does leave. For all we know he and his family may really need the money and that may weigh more on him than getting better as a player. But with that said, I certainly hope he comes back, but I won't be mad if he leaves
I was almost sure he was going to stay, but now I hear that he is a lottery pick and possible projected as high as 7. If he had an amazing year at OU next season, he might not be that high in next years draft.
If he can go in the top 7 or 8, you can't blame him if he leaves as it is unlikely he will do better than that next year.
I've said all along he'll be back. Nothing has changed.
I'd have to see the "info" he is getting from the NBA before I could say. If that info is good, ie, pretty solid lottery selection, I think he may be gone. If not, I think he comes back.