Blake Griffin Workout


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Nov 8, 2008
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Found this little video showing Blake going through some bball drills
Hadn't seen it posted so I thought I would share.
Our boy can sure ball. Man you'd think he could get someone a little bit taller however to run the drills with him.

His jumper continues to improve, looks very reminiscent of Antawn Jamison.
He looked nice on the Pick and pop drill. That's going to be the transition he has to make. He's probably not going to be a guy who runs to the block and post up like he did at OU. I personally think he's going to blow up wth the pick and pop game. If he's able to hit that open 18ftr, that's going to make him dangerous. If he's contested from that area, all he needs is one dribble and he's at the rim.

That film was similar to the workout that Fab Melo, a 6'11, 2010 kid has circulating. This kid is impressive.