Jordan Brand Classic highlights [video]

Seriously. Every clip there showed TMG and Tiny and the announcers didn't say their name once.

Thanks for putting that clip together. I'm excited about next years team. I think they will be up and down, but if I'm guessing today I say we are a 4-7 seed in next years tourney.
Dykes actually did talk about TMG on a couple of different instances.

Both times, he mentioned that TMG would be "Capel's first true point guard". One time he phrased it, "No offense to Austin Johnson, but ...". The time they talked about Tiny, in the first half, both of the guys commented on how he was the most imposing big man at the game. Tiny also took a wild three early in the game and Dykes said something like, "I can guarantee you Gallon won't be taking a shot like that under a Jeff Capel coached team" or something like that. Dykes seemed to have a lot of respect for Capel.

But yeah, it was pretty much a lovefest for Calipari and Kentucky most of the night.
TMG will not have lift weights, he already looks like a RB.......