What do you do with Lat Williams


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Dec 3, 2008
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Say we get Williams, I'm not sure how much time he would get next year. He is too slight of build to be a center and we have a couple of players coming back at the 4 (patillo and wright). If Willis puts on a little weight and gets a little stronger, I think you could also see him at the 4 some. So, I'm not sure how much he would play the first year.

If he is as good as it sounds, I'm sure we would find some minutes somewhere.

Hard to believe that we will sign Williams, as it would almost be too good to be true. We aren't that lucky. Oh well, just in case, I will keep my fingers crossed.
Wright has no offensive game and even struggles on defense. Who knows what you get with JP. Tiny will most likely play the 5. There is no way the Willis can play the 4. Assuming that RW can stay out of Capel's doghouse, he would most likely get some time at the 2 or possibly 3. You take Williams if you can get him without getting into trouble with the NCAA.
He would be a 4 like Patillo except with more skill.
I think he would play the 4 and start from day one alongside Tiny.
What do we do with him?

We go to the final four with him in two years.
Does anyone know if he came for a visit yesterday or is coming today?