Will attrition catch up with OU?


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Oct 31, 2008
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Juan Patillo, Tony Neysmith, Kyle Cannon, Blake Griffin, and Chris Early all took off early... This year OU loses Ryan Wright, Tony Crocker, Willie Warren, and possibly Tiny Gallon if he has a good year.

OU will possibly enter the 2010 season with:
Cade Davis- G
Steve Pledger- G
Ray Willis- G
TJ Taylor- G
Orlando- F
Fitz- F
Hardrick- F

Thats assuming someone like Willis or Hardrick doesnt transfer... OU will need to sign 4 or 5 more guys in this years recruiting class, and will need some that can step in right away...Davis, Orlando, Hardrick, and possibly Fitz are more suited to be bench/role players...

I would think the roster space would help OU with big time recruits, but our major targets are being are also being heavily pursued by the nations best recruiters.

I dont feel real good about Cobbins (now a top 40 guy with 20+ offers), Cothron (has 20+ offers and is wide open), Jones (who will go to Maryland), or Clark (MCDAA with offers from every big program in the country). I feel better about Releford and Scott, but OU only needs one of them and needs 4 more guys.

This is Capels most important recruiting class yet, because he needs 4 or 5 guys that can step in and play right away (especially in the post) to sustain the success of the past two years.

Hopefully he can get at least one of the "headliners", and hope Gallon isnt projected in the top 15 because he doesnt want to be in college for more than a year.
abd, Sherri Coale has a similar situation. This fall she will have a roster of 10 players and will lose Abi, Amanda, & Nyeshia to graduation, dropping the number to 7 on ship. Right now, she has 3 commitments, bringing her back to 10, but she needs to sign a couple of more if possible. Hopefully, 2 or 3 of those new recruits can step in and start as freshmen.
I think it depends a lot on whether or not Tiny Gallon is one and done. If he's back for his soph year or beyond we should be ok. If not we will have even less up in 2010 and will really be young in the frontcourt reguardless.

Guard-wise we should be fine with Cade, Pledger, TMG, Willis, Taylor, etc
We will be just fine because Tiny will stay true to the 2 year plan like Blake and Willie. Coach Capel will continue to bring in very good players as well. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!:clap
We need to hit the juco ranks.
Maybe we can get a foreign juco player who eats nails and has a history of bomb shelters and land mines?