2011 Mock Draft- big 12 notes


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Apr 23, 2009
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Here is a mock draft list for 2011.

Some notes of interest to the big 12:

UT recruit Tristan Thompson is projected at #9

Baylor recruit Perry Jones is projected at #10

UT's Jordan Hamilton is projected at #14

Two Croatian big men at #18 and #19 (one of the reasons Dragan Sekelja fell in Baylor's lap- too much talent ahead of him on the depth chart at the pro level in Croatia).

KU's Tyshawn Taylor is projected at #20

OU's Tiny Gallon is projected at #28

UT's Gary Johson is projected at #47

Baylor's Lace Dunn projected at #50

Colorado's Cory Higgins projected at #51

Of course we know 2010 is also going to be huge for the big 12

Aldrich, Brackins, Warren, James, Henry, Bradley, Collins, Anderson and Pittman are all projected to go in the top 33 picks.

The big 12 is establishing itself as the premier basketball conference in the country thanks in large part to UT, Kansas and OU producing top draft picks.