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Oct 23, 2008
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I realize any positive post about the Thunder may be frowned on by some OU fans, but this Thunder team is not only fun to watch, they’re the closest thing I have ever seen to a college team.

After starting the season several games under five hundred and predicted to finish at or near the bottom of the Western Division, the Thunder are now in fifth place with a 40-24 record following a third straight win on the road last night, this time over the Boston Celtics. Fifth place is also 1/2 game ahead of the Houston Rockets, former OKC players Russell Westbrook and James Harden’s current team.

The Thunder came from 18 down to beat the Celtics last night. That was just one of a number of come-from-behind wins for this team. They play so hard and with such great team chemistry they’re never out of a game.

Thirty-four year old Chris Paul is the closest thing to a super star. The Thunder is a team of good players who not only understand and embrace their roles, they play for each other. In a day when the current NBA trend is for players to recruit their own collection of super stars, I think the OKC Thunder is a breath of fresh air. Hate on me if you want, but I really like Thunder basketball!
After the team got rid of Paul and Westbrook many thought it would lead to a perilous decline. Well, those people were seriously wrong and it just goes to show that anyone is replaceable and it rings true in sports time in and time out (get it?). Now the front office is seen as collective genius while before the season started they were lost.
So true. OKC fans have rediscovered the meaning of “team” in basketball. Billy appears to be a better coach now that he doesn’t have to play nursemaid to guys like KD, Westbrook, and even Paul George to some extent. I was hoping PG13 would stay. He wasn’t as selfish and difficult to manage as the other two.

But the makeup of the current team peaked my interest in Thunder basketball. I don’t know if Presti is that good or he just lucked into finding the right mix of personalities and talent? Either way, I actually enjoy watching this team, something I never did before.
Well, we made it a whole year without a post on the NBA board. With how well the Thunder are doing, it might be time to start posting again!
They nearly gave last night away but showed a lot of resiliency to win, and I hope the cadre that want to trade Josh Giddy were watching.
With 10-11 games left, I think the Thunder have all but locked up a top 3 seed. If the playin games werent' a thing, I think you would try and matchup with the kings. Not as easy to play that seeding game nowadays. I would want to avoid the lakers and mavs
Good move for the Thunder. Good move for Giddy depending on Chicago's plans.
Thunder wanted Giddy to stay but come off the bench. Giddy said no understandably.