OU a 9 seed in todays espn Bracket update

I don't like an 8 or 9 seed because you have to play a 1 seed if you win.
Which projected brackets are usually closest to the actual seedings? Iowa lost to Indiana today and two games ago lost to Nebraska which will probably be an 8 seed at the highest, thus will Iowa drop in the next projection?
Finally, is Creme's projections usually pretty accurate? Just curious, if someone knows or has an opinion, but know people have other
THINGS to do than educate me.
The ESPN projection is usually pretty good...generally within 1 seeding line on almost all teams and mixing up the last couple of teams in with the last couple of teams out.

Iowa has been moving between a 1 and 2 seed...with last night's loss they will be back at a 2 seed. NC State lost last night also...so I am not sure which team would move up to take their place. South Carolina, Ohio State and Stanford look to be pretty locked in as 1 seeds...the 4th 1 seed is competitive between several teams.
Yep, re Iowa they have Clark who is at another level, love her play and how she handles all the media hype....both good and bad. I do not see them making it to the round of 8 but who knows.
Thanks, Soonercuda. I always hear Charlie Creme mentioned and know he is with espn this year, I suppose in recent years too. I just never knew if he was kind of a go to for fans. I do think there are some really good teams this year that could compete. Kansas State needs Lee healthy. Believe a lot depends upon match -ups and just if all teams are on. Like I thought OU lost to w.v, not just because of turnovers...those were going to happen because that is what w.v. does, it was because of the careless turnovers and we sometimes make those in other games, but you cannot do that playing someone like W.V. Still I love the team and they were not going to go undefeated the rest of conference,,,well, I did not think. I just hope they play well and beat Texas. Jennie, staff, team have done well to bring the best out of these women. Know it must be difficult as to some of the players, as to who to play when, Their rebounding and blocking is so much better, and defense has improved; plus we went from not being able to hit a thing the last few non conference games to really probably better than last year on offense, especially since Peyton has found her stroke, plus she just seems to have elevated her all around game. Hope the teams free throw percentage goes up.
North Carolina jumped us in the latest bracketology after beating NC State so we fell to a 7 seed. Our NET lost one spot to 28 from North Carolina jumping us there also.

Texas got the nod as the 4th 1 seed by Creme so win Saturday and then vs Texas we have a shot at win that would jump us up in both.
OU being worse than decent in the non-con is really hurting them. A great conference record an barely keep them in the top 25...
After the games of Sunday and Monday we remain at 26 in the NET and Creme has bumped us back to a projected 6 seed.
I believe we must beat UT tomorrow night in order for us to have a chance at a top 16 seeding. They struggled against Tech, who I heard played similar to us against them. I think we have to go in there with as much or more fight in us then we did in Austin, as you know Vic will have them ready to avenge that loss. I think our advantage is our speed/bench against them, they just don't have many smaller, quicker guard this season and instead a ton of tall/slower but talented Bigs. I'm confident JB will have the girls ready. If we had to lose one of these next 2 games, I'd naturally prefer we lose away to Kansas than at home to Texas. If we do drop the game to UT and win on the road at KU then we will AGAIN be co-champions with UT, to my understanding.
Here is a team sheet and NET nitty gritty that is helpful in evaluating our seeding resume

Surprisingly our NET did not change and stayed at 26 after beating Texas last night.