Sooners & AP Poll


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Nov 10, 2008
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With those wins over No. 2 Kansas State and No. 12 Texas, does a win over the Lady Ags this weekend assure the Sooners of making a return appearance in the upcoming AP poll? We're now 14-6 overall and in a virtual tie for first place in the Big 12 – and we're essentially tied for No. 30 in the current poll.

Maybe polls don't matter, but it's gotta be hard for the committee to keep a Top 25 team out of the tournament. Right?
Our resume has really improved over the last two weeks...our Net Ranking is up to 42 after being in the 60s. The Texas and KSU wins are both Quad 1 wins and our win vs Ole Miss is also a Quad 1 win. But the negative is a Quad 4 loss to Southern. ESPN in the latest bracketology has us as a 10 seed. Right now a 9/10 seed seems about right for we have made ourselves back solidly in...but we are not so far in that we can afford another slump. Get to 19 or more wins for the season and we are solidly in..18 I would be a little nervous and only 17 we are out.
The NET is interesting to me:

West Virginia223-34-02183

Even with the ugly Southern Loss, the Strength of Schedule is vastly different. I guess we get to find out this week.
I have noticed that the NET rating really rewards blowing out teams....scoring margin, offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency (the net of the efficiency ratings is going to be highly correlated with scoring margin) are big factors in the NET. Our average scoring margin is 9.0, West Va is 21.3 and Baylor is 17.2. The committee does use the NET a lot but also really looks at your Quad 1 record. So we are a bit of an odd team for the committee to consider...but if we keep winning with our remaining schedule our NET will jump 2-4 or so places with every win and we can get our NET close to or in the top 20.
OU up to 8-4 in Q1 games. The next closest team to OU with 8 Q1 wins is Ohio State at #8. As of now, 3 more Q1 games left on the schedule. Let's go ladies!
I feel any other day, we beat WVU, fairly easily. Saturday was a horrific day, playing wise and I just don't know if this team could play worse than they did. Yet they still had a chance to win. I hope we have a shot at them in the B12 tourney, and beat them by 10+ as I feel we would have, had we even had somewhere around 15 turnovers, as we usually average, not the 25 we did saturday :-(