Sorry for the bad memory


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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Found this little gem of Tyrell Reed talking crap to Juan after he hit that shot from the corner. That was an awful feeling....I can't stand KU!

Yeah, that was gay. And judging by the lineup we have on the floor, that was during the big comeback that Cade and Omar helped put together. I sure wish they had been able to pull that out. It's a shame Blake didnt get to play that game.
This one is a lot more enjoyable for me. Especially when Blake points to the 3-point line and starts jumping up and down as soon as Cade shoots it.

damn that cade block is pure awesome... that is his role to a T there i hope he can get those 3's that consistent
we got outplayed the last minute against KU. they really made some ground and seized "uncle mo" heading into the half.