How is Taylor looking...


Nov 7, 2008
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does he have a chance to make the suns roster? Is he having a good summer league? I haven't heard much and would appreciate any info.
he had 8 pts today,4 in his first game so he isnt doin great

hopefully he can make the suns bc they dont have a deep team but not lookin great
He was 4-5 from the field today on a team with a bunch of guys trying to prove themselves I would say he did alright. The suns are giving him time to try and develop as a 3. With his athleticism and fantastic work ethic they are going to give him some time. There is a good chance he makes the roster or even plays in the d league for a while
Just pass along what I've heard two analysts say at separate times ( and I don't recall who they were ) , but they said if Taylor can hit the mid range jumper , he can make the Suns. Taylor said the other day that was what he was working on to try to change his game.

And to add to that, I watched some of their game yesterday ( and he created a nice little 20-footer for himself. He just rose up and stuck it. He looked good doing it.
Also, the Suns are doing whatever possible to cut payroll so that really gives him the best shot. If they have an open spot they can offer him the league minimum two year contract with the second year being a team option.