Keeley Parks 2025 Offer

Keeley invited to the U16 national team trials but can’t attend due to a concussion

I have seen her at 2 or 3 OU games this season...we are clearly recruiting her hard. Michael Neal was head coach at Norman High when her Dad was his #1 assistant so they are close. But she has offers from almost everyone in the Power 5 including LSU, Texas, Duke, etc level teams. She has gone on unofficial visits to several of the perennial top level type schools. So she has a choice to stay home or go to a top 10 type school...she is a really important recruit.
Is she seriously considering OU? She is very, VERY highly ranked, and from Norman. Not getting her would be inexcusable. We lost out on OKC area recruits under Coale, it can't continue.

Not recruiting her at all might warrant the word 'inexcusable'. All coaches can do is recruit them hard. The wild card in recruiting local kids is how they feel about playing close to where they grew up. Some kids want that. Others want to try somewhere different.
We also got Loften to commit, and she's in the same class, ranked higher than Parks, depending on which rating publication you look at. It could be that getting Loften could help us land another one of these highly sought after in-state kids like Parks, Williams and Richardson, OR maybe it could hurt us, per the competition factor. I think it's crucial we land another one of these highly ranked instate kids along with Loften to secure our program's competitiveness after next season.
Parks was at the TCU game tonight. I saw her go to the locker room at half to see how the team interacts and makes halftime adjustments.

By the way in an earlier game this year she and Lofton were at the same game and both went to the locker room at half.
I saw on social media that Keeley made a visit to UCLA about a week ago. So she is starting to take summer visits to her finalist schools as she gets serious on deciding where she will sign.
God, I hope she doesn't waste her talent at UCLA...they are always flush w/talent and very rarely produce to the level of expectations. Even this coming season, one in which they should undoubtedly be a final four contender I wouldn't be shocked to see them exit early. Something about Close not instilling that killer mentality in her kids, IMHO. Hope she ends up in Norman to elevate our program to the next level with Loften!
I stumbled into an article on 247Sports regarding Keeley. They talked to her after her UCLA visit and she said standard stuff about the visit…I couldn’t tell how impressed she was. But she did say she was going to visit Florida on August 31 and North Carolina on September 14. She also said she wanted to visit Kansas, OSU and OU.

It would appear her decision likely won’t come until October or November.
Didn't her sister transfer from Florida? Seems like a strange choice. If she picks OU. I think they could be in the running for Final Four at the least.
Keely's sister is at Kansas are thinking of Myka Perry that was a teammate of Keeley's sister at Norman High.
Bad break for Keeley’s sister…she also had an ACL tear in high school. Keeley has also had an ACL tear a couple of years ago.