Latavious Williams' Houston connections?


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Nov 9, 2008
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Is he actually from Houston or just currently his high school ball there? Wonder how much he knows Tiny and TMG? I guess even if he's not originally from Houston, he still could've crossed paths last year with TMG. What weekend is he supposed to visit again?
LW's hometown is Starksville, Mississippi. But, since he has spent the last couple of years playing high school and AAU ball in Texas, I think it's reasonable to assume he knows TMG and Tiny. If so, I hope they will be doing a work on him in the next week or two.
just one year in texas (prep). he played hs in miss.

not sure how strong his aau tx connection is. he's played on a lot of different aau teams.
Good news is there is no news of a commit to Georgetown after his visit. When is he visiting OU?
Hale said Monday or Tuesday (as in tomorrow).
Was there any interest from Williams earlier in the recruiting process? I am glad he is coming for a visit because it gives us a chance. We could really use another big body.
With Juan off the team, we need all the big men we can get. Come on down, Mr. Williams!