Late signing period was huge for Baylor


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Oct 31, 2008
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Nolan Dennis: #15 shooting guard in country. Chose BU over UCONN and OU.
Mark Mclaughlin: #15 shooting guard in country. Chose BU over Nevada.
Dragan Sekelja: Equilivant of 5 star in the United States. 7'0'' 245 center with great skills. Rivals claims he is considered to be the top college recruit out of Europe this year.

Man, what a haul for Baylor in the late signing period.
Their biggest fish may be coming in the next 2 weeks. Baylor likes for their recruits to downplay their interest in Baylor. For all the talk of UK, Wall knows Baylor has a lot to offer him: his AAU coach who has been a father figure to him; the best league in the country next year; plenty of talented players to help him shine (shooters- Dunn, Carter, Dennis, Jones, McLaughlin- and dunkers- Acy, Udoh, Sekelja, Jefferson).

We'll see how it plays out. If the deal is dirty (World Wide Wes/Calipari giving Wall or Brian Clifton a large forgiveable loan), then UK gets him. If it is a level playing field, he'll play for Baylor if he is qualified. If not qualified... Europe or NBA.

Of course I realize that Wall is only considering Baylor because they hired his AAU coach.
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