Semester almost over; Question on Juan P and his grades

Nov 30, 2008
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Been a few rumors on here about Juan and his lack of effort in the classroom. I wonder if he is going to pass this semester. Anybody know?
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Ok hopefully I fixed the title

I don't think we'll hear anything unless he doesn't qualify. They won't make an announcement unless he is suspended or off the team.

It will be one of those "no news is good news" type of things....
Abd - I agree we won't hear anything if he is doing fine. I was just hoping for maybe some of that "inside" knowledge. You know the kind that makes this board great
Don't want to go into all the attributes of a mustache, etc, but it is closer to the lips, not the ears.

Do Capel and Sonny Galloway share mustaches. Capel gets it during basketball season and Sonny during baseball?
I was under the impression we wouldnt' know the answer to this question until after summer classes were over, because I thought that his performance this semester and the previous semester was so bad summer classes would be needed.