Simple question: Will Taylor get drafted in this year's NBA draft?

Does Taylor hear his name called at the 2009 NBA Draft?

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The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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I just have a good feeling with the Jazz at #50.
Think Taylor will have much more success overseas. He may hear his name but I don't know how long he would remain on the team? Taylor is a great kid, good player, but he has alot of work to do, even to be a role player in the NBA. You have to take charges, to make it in the league. He had a great college career. Now, I think he needs to make it as long as he can in a great program overseas. He can make some great money this way.
I voted No, but my vote is with very little knowledge of how his workouts have been. I just don't think he has the size to be drafted, but I will be ecstatic if it happens.
If he is not drafted, surely he will get a summer league invite from someone. After that, he could also play for a D-League team. Not everybody makes it to the NBA the same way
He's being looked at by some teams and having Blake as your brother isn't hurting him.
My no vote was not what I hope will happen. But I can't help but think that Taylor is more likely to get a shot going the free agent route after the draft is over.
I voted Yes, but he could get passed over for someone that has showed no signs of being a decent player but has "upside" that will never be reached.

It's what the 2nd round is about.
I don't think so...and hope he doesn't. Gives him a better opportunity to be successful right away, wherever that may be.
If you look at the history of the second round, alot of NBA teams draft foreign players under contract in hopes that they play a few years down the line. The Jazz have done this along with San Antonio, alot.
Capel also has a good feeling! :D His latest Tweet:

Big day for our basketball program 2nite!!! Hope everyone watches as BG becomes the 1st #1 pick. I have a good feeling about TG to! Boomer
I do not know the answer to this question.
Lol at those voting yes after the draft was already over! It was a prediction thread, you knuckleheads!
Lol at those voting yes after the draft was already over! It was a prediction thread, you knuckleheads!
I'm pretty sure several people have voted "No" as well since the end of the draft. I think there were only 19 "No" votes last night when he was drafted.