Big 12 roundup

Had to laugh in his post game presser; he of course was asked about the incident. His reply to the guy who asked it was that if he answered it truthfully, he’d be fined $25,000, & asked the reporter how much of that he’d be willing to pay. :D
Tech is destroying Kansas. If we find a way to win against Kansas Saturday we will have at worst the same record as them in conference assuming this score holds. And there's a lot of our fans that think this year is a disaster.
If we can find a way to pull it out against Baylor we will have the same conf record as kansas
18 turnovers for Cincy at home against ISU at 17:51 in second half. I will be breaking things if we do that.

crazy ou was picked 12th.. preseason. To think we actually might end up there is crazy. Really thought we’d be better than that.

At pokes (considering our last game with them and how they are playing) is a def possible loss

At isu - L
Houston - L
Cinncy - 50/50
At horns - 60/40 L

I just can’t be optimistic…