Top 5 Shooters coming into Big 12


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Oct 31, 2008
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1.) Xavier Henry (Kansas)- Big time shooter at 6'6'' 225
2.) Steven Pledger (Oklahoma)- Great pure 3pt shooter
3.) David Tairu (Texas Tech)- Shot 46% from 3 in juco last year
4.) Khris Middleton (Texas A&M)- Turgeon thinks he is a top 3 shooter in the country at 6'7''
5.) Givon Crump (Baylor)- Three point specialist at 6'7'' 210
Steven has a chance to be the best. I love that form and rotation that he puts ito his shots.
Ummm....Not saying you have a bad list but what about Avery Bradley??
I didnt realize he was a great shooter....

Well, I will concede. He is ranked as the top "shooting" guard by a few sites but after more research it apparently is due more to the fact he is just a pure scorer all around and not purely because of his shooting but his all around game!
I would put TMG over Pledger. I'm not sure Pledger plays a whole lot right now.
ABD how can you NOT have Keiton Page on that list.
Yes- Givon Crump (Baylor) can shoot.

Pledger beat TMG, Tiny, Tony C., and Ray in a shooting contest on there official visit...he lost to coach Capel, so did TMG and Tiny
If you don't play a lot you won't impact the team as a shooter.

True. But that has nothing to do with ranking the top shooters coming into the conference next season.

There is no doubt in my mind (zip, none, nada) that Steven Pledger will be one of, if not the best, shooter in the Big 12. I also believe his ability to knock down shots consistently from long range and create off the dribble will earn him the opportunity to prove himself.

I've said before that my only question is if he can defend well enough at the next level to sustain the minutes his offensive skills will all but demand? Steven is known as a solid defender in high school. The question is will that reputation carry over into college? We'll see. But, if he can hold his own on defense against quick, athletic twos, look for him to push a couple of people for playing time. Nick, I'm not saying he'll start, just that he will not be sitting on the bench as you seem to suggest.
To repeat Dave Telep...Pledger was Boo's best perimiter defender...what does that say?