What are the chances Fitzgerald starts over Wright/Allen?


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Nov 9, 2008
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I have to admit, and no disrespect to Orlando Allen or Ryan Wright, but I'm hoping that Fitzgerald is able to come in earn a starting spot alongside Tiny. Again, no disrespect to those guys, but from what I've seen they seem like role players who should come off the bench to me. Not trying to bash, and I certainly hope they prove me wrong.

So does anyone think Fitzgerald can come in and make a bigger impact than a lot of people expect? Check out this video and look at the finesse moves and mid-range game the big guy has. To me, he looks like a bigger version of Ernie Abercrombie.

Also keep in mind that the highlights from this video were from last summer, so he'll have a whole year of growth and development from this when we see him next November. Thoughts?

In the words of Dean Blevins
I would give a 19% chance that Andrew Fitzgerald starts multiple games this upcoming season.
In the words of Dean Blevins
I would give a 19% chance that Andrew Fitzgerald starts multiple games this upcoming season.

Mark it down, Fitz will be a great player when his time at OU is over.
I don't know, but I think that percentage goes way up later in the season.

There is something to be said about having some experience out there in the two posts to start the games at the begining of the year. If Tiny starts, I just think it makes sense to start an experienced man next to him. Even if that means starting a less talented guy.
Sure its possible... If it is, OU will be in better shape than I thought.
I have been saying for weeks that Fitz was capable of starting or getting starter-like minutes by the midway point of the season. His tenacity on the boards and his ability to knock down shots from seventeen feet and in will make him a strong candidate to see meaningful minutes at the other post position.

He's a big body kid who works hard, and it's obvious in this highlight video he is not without skills. But as Sooner23 pointed out, these highlights were right after his junior year, and judging by the reports he had a great senior season, logging some impressive numbers in points as well as rebounding. Check out his stats in the link below. Keep in mind, Brewster Academy played some of the best prep school competition in the country; schools like Laurinburg (Longar's old schol), Patterson, Winchendon, Notre Dame for example.


So, yes, I think this kid is a lot better than most people realize. I don't think he will start from the get-go, but I do believe he will push Wright and Allen to improve their game over what we saw last season, see their minutes cut or take a seat on the bench at some point.
I really think Allen and Wright are better players than people realize. Three years ago everyone was worried about Longar because he did not play much when Gray and Bookout were at OU. I think it is similar situation with Wright and Allen. Blake was just an incredible player and Taylor was a very good player. That made it difficult for those guys to get on the floor for any substantial minutes. Without the minutes it was difficult for those guys to really shine. OU will clearly take a step in the post this year but I think the Sooners are going to have one of their better front courts in the last 20 years ranking up there with Gray and Bookout. OU has 3 top 100 talents and a really big man that has worked hard in Allen. That is better talent than OU has put on the floor in most years.