what happened to the...

So called recruiting "packages" almost never pan out. And when they do, they rarely work out.
Willie and Rotnei were a package deal.
I don't think it was ever a "pacakge" deal because Cam would've committed when TJ did if they were a true package. I just think it was because they have a good friendship that the package was rumored. I still think we have a great chance with Cameron for reasons beyond just the TJ friendship.
Let this play out. Everyone will find out that this is just chatter. I predict that both of them will be at different schools. In fact I'll even say that if they do play together. It will be here at OU. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!
Even though I reported it, I wouldn't read into it too much. The reason? Package deals are usually spotty at best. I do think that the T.J./Cam friendship was way overblown. They aren't that close....