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Feb 22, 2010
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Current Openings/Hirings

ArkansasEric Musselman (USC)John Calipari4/7
BryantJared Grasso (resigned)-Phil Martelli Jr.11/15-
BYUMark Pope (Kentucky)Kevin Young4/16
Cal PolyJohn Smith (fired)N/AMike DeGeorge3/26Mike DeGeorge (3/25)
CanisiusReggie Witherspoon (fired)Jim Christian4/8
Central ArkansasAnthony Boone (fired)John Shulman3/15John Shulman (3/14)
CharlestonPat Kelsey (Louisville)Chris Mack3/29
Charleston SouthernBarclay Radebaugh (resigned)Saah NimleySaah Nimley3/4-
CharlotteRon Sanchez (Virginia asst)Aaron FearneAaron Fearne2/12-
Chicago StateGerald Gillion (Long Island asst)Scott Spinelli4/20
Coastal CarolinaCliff Ellis (retired)Benny MossJustin Gray3/11Justin Gray (3/10)
CornellBrian Earl (William & Mary)Jon Jaques4/5
DePaulTony Stubblefield (fired)Matt BradyChris Holtmann3/22Chris Holtmann (3/13)
Detroit MercyMike Davis (fired)Mark Montgomery4/3Mark Montgomery (3/27)
DrakeDarian DeVries (West Virginia)Ben McCollum4/1Ben McCollum (3/26)
DuquesneKeith Dambrot (retired)Dru Joyce3/28Dru Joyce (3/18)
Eastern WashingtonDavid Riley (Washington State)Dan Monson4/12Dan Monson (4/11)
FairfieldJay Young (resigned)Chris CaseyChris Casey3/12Chris Casey (2/14)
Florida A&MRobert McCullum (fired)Patrick Crarey II4/17
Florida AtlanticDusty May (Michigan)John Jakus3/27
Fresno StateJustin Hutson (fired)Vance Walberg4/7
Gardner-WebbTim Craft (Western Carolina)Jeremy LutherJeremy Luther3/27Jeremy Luther (3/17)
Green BaySundance Wicks (Wyoming)Doug Gottlieb5/14
HamptonEdward Joyner (fired)Ivan Thomas3/15Ivan Thomas (3/11)
Houston ChristianRon Cottrell (fired)Craig Doty3/15
Indiana StateJosh Schertz (Saint Louis)Matthew GravesMatthew Graves4/10Matthew Graves (3/17)
IUPUIMatt Crenshaw (fired)Paul Corsaro3/25Paul Corsaro (3/13)
James MadisonMark Byington (Vanderbilt)Preston Spradlin3/29
KentuckyJohn Calipari (Arkansas)Mark Pope4/12Mark Pope (4/11)
Long Beach StateDan Monson (fired)Chris Acker3/27Chris Acker (3/13)
LouisvilleKenny Payne (fired)Pat Kelsey3/27
Loyola (MD)Tavares Hardy (resigned)Josh Loeffler3/30Josh Loeffler (3/30)
MarshallDan D'Antoni (forced retirement)Cornelius Jackson3/25
Maryland-Eastern ShoreJason Crafton (fired)Cleo Hill Jr6/1
MercerGreg Gary (fired)Ryan Ridder3/15
MichiganJuwan Howard (fired)Dusty May3/24
Missouri StateDana Ford (fired)Cuonzo Martin3/26
Morehead StatePreston Spradlin (James Madison)Jonathan Mattox4/5
Mount St. Mary'sDan Engelstad (Syracuse asst)Donny Lind4/19
New OrleansMark Slessinger (Indiana State asst)Stacey Hollowell4/25
Ohio StateChris Holtmann (fired)Jake DieblerJake Diebler3/17Jake Diebler (3/16)
Oklahoma StateMike Boynton (fired)Steve Lutz4/1Steve Lutz (3/28)
Old DominionJeff Jones (health issues)Kieran DonohueMike Jones2/29Mike Jones (2/19)
PacificLeonard Perry (fired)Josh NewmanDave Smart3/27
PepperdineLorenzo Romar (fired)-Ed Schilling4/2
RiceScott Pera (fired)Rob Lanier3/24
Sacramento StateDavid Patrick (LSU asst)Michael Czepil (interim)5/22
Saint LouisTravis Ford (fired)Josh Schertz4/6Josh Schertz (3/17)
SienaCarmen Maciariello (fired)Gerry McNamara3/27
SMURob Lanier (fired)Andy Enfield3/27Andy Enfield (3/26)
South Carolina UpstateDave Dickerson (Ohio State asst)Marty Richter4/5
Southern IllinoisBryan Mullins (fired)Scott Nagy3/28
StanfordJerod Haase (fired)Kyle Smith3/25Kyle Smith (3/24)
UICLuke Yaklich (fired)Rob Ehsan3/22
USCAndy Enfield (SMU)Eric Musselman4/4
Utah StateDanny Sprinkle (Washington)Jerrod Calhoun3/29
UT-MartinRyan Ridder (Mercer)Jeremy Shulman3/27
UTRGVMatt Figger (fired)Kahlil Fennell4/4
UTSASteve Henson (fired)Austin Claunch3/17Austin Claunch (3/16)
VanderbiltJerry Stackhouse (fired)Mark Byington3/25Chris Mack (3/17)
WashingtonMike Hopkins (fired)Danny Sprinkle3/25Danny Sprinkle (3/11)
Washington StateKyle Smith (Stanford)David Riley4/2
Western CarolinaJustin Gray (Coastal Carolina)Tim Craft3/13
Western KentuckySteve Lutz (Oklahoma State)Hank Plona4/2Hank Plona (3/29)
West VirginiaBob Huggins (resigned)Josh EilertDarian DeVries3/24Mark Byington (3/5)
William & MaryDane Fischer (fired)Brian Earl3/23
Wright StateScott Nagy (Southern Illinois)Clint Sargent3/28
WyomingJeff Linder (Texas Tech asst)Sundance Wicks5/12
Youngstown StateJerrod Calhoun (Utah State)Ethan Faulkner3/30Ethan Faulkner (3/30)


Hot Seat

AlbanyDwayne Killings🔥Unsure3rd year. Killings is 32-54 (15-28).
Arizona StateBobby Hurley🔥🔥🔥$2M
Cal PolyJohn Smith🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥$05 years. Win totals: 7, 4, 7, 7, 4. (n)
Cal State BakersfieldRod Barnes🔥🔥$03rd losing season in a row
CampbellKevin McGeehan🔥🔥🔥-Last year of contract. Mediocre.
CanisiusReggie Witherspoon🔥🔥🔥🔥-Time for a change
Central ArkansasAnthony Boone🔥 🔥 🔥-No idea if they'll fire Boone. Meh program.
ColumbiaJim Engles🔥🔥🔥Better this year but still meh
DartmouthDave McLaughlin🔥🔥🔥🔥-7 years, 0 winning seasons
Detroit MercyMike Davis🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-Edit: 1-31! It's time to start over.
Eastern IllinoisMarty Simmons🔥🔥🔥3 seasons (0 winning seasons)
Eastern MichiganStan Heath🔥🔥🔥-Bad coach/bad program
ElonBilly Taylor🔥🔥🔥🔥-Only year 2 but Elon may move on
Florida A&MRobert McCullum🔥🔥🔥
Florida InternationalJeremy Ballard🔥🔥🔥-4 straight losing seasons
Florida StateLeonard Hamilton🔥🔥🔥-Retirement watch
Fresno StateJustin Hutson🔥🔥🔥🔥-Fresno is a tough team but not enough wins.
HamptonEdward Joyner🔥🔥🔥🔥-Program is at rock bottom
Houston ChristianRon Cottrell🔥🔥🔥Retirement watch
Idaho StateRyan Looney🔥🔥🔥🔥
IndianaMike Woodson🔥🔥🔥
IUPUIMatt Crenshaw🔥🔥🔥3 straight losing seasons
La SalleFran Dunphy🔥🔥🔥-FD is a legend. He's 75. Retirement watch.
LindenwoodKyle Gerdeman🔥🔥🔥
Long Beach StateDan Monson🔥🔥🔥🔥Firing/retirement.
Louisiana-MonroeKeith Richard🔥🔥🔥🔥Retirement watch.
LouisvilleKenny Payne🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-One of the worst hires in recent memory.
LSUMatt McMahon🔥🔥-Awful hire. Safe for 1 more year
Loyola (MD)Tavares Hardy🔥🔥🔥-6 years, 0 winning seasons
MarshallDan D'Antoni🔥D'Antoni is 76. Retirement watch.
MemphisPenny Hardaway🔥🔥🔥-
MercerGreg Gary🔥🔥
MichiganJuwan Howard🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mississippi Valley StateGeorge Ivory🔥🔥🔥0-24. Worst team in D1.
Missouri StateDana Ford🔥🔥🔥🔥-Trending down for Ford
New OrleansMark Slessinger🔥🔥🔥Program needs newness
NortheasternBill Coen🔥 🔥
Northern ArizonaShane Burcar🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oklahoma StateMike Boynton🔥🔥🔥$6.7-8M7 years, 1 NCAAT (Thanks Cade). Bad roster
PacificLeonard Perry🔥🔥🔥🔥
PepperdineLorenzo Romar🔥🔥🔥🔥Time to retire.
Portland StateJase Coburn🔥🔥
PresbyterianQuinton Ferrell🔥🔥🔥
RiceScott Pera🔥🔥🔥🔥-
Saint LouisTravis Ford🔥🔥🔥🔥$10M?8 years = 1 NCAAT.
Southern IllinoisBryan Mullins🔥🔥🔥
StanfordJerod Haase🔥🔥🔥🔥-Haase recruits well. Doesn't win.
StonehillChris Kraus🔥🔥
Tennessee TechJohn Pelphrey🔥🔥🔥
UCFJohnny Dawkins🔥🔥🔥-NCAAT or bust? Tough team
USCAndy Enfield🔥HUGESafe for another year but they suck
UTEPJoe Golding🔥🔥🔥
UTRGVMatt Figger🔥🔥🔥Hard place to win at. Talent barren area.
UTSASteve Henson🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-8 years @ UTSA. 0 NCAATs.
VanderbiltJerry Stackhouse🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
VillanovaKyle Neptune🔥He'll get one more year
VMIAndrew Wilson🔥🔥Will likely get 1 more year. Shouldn't.
WashingtonMike Hopkins🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
William & MaryDane Fischer🔥🔥🔥🔥-
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Candidate names to watch:

(coaches who could land new HC jobs)

Amir Abdur-Rahim (South Florida) - USF is one of the biggest surprises this season and AAR had prior success at Kennesaw State.
Gus Argenal (Cal State San Bernandino - D2) - former Arkansas assistant.
Chris Beard (Ole Miss) - if Musselman leaves Arky, watch for Beard's name to surface for that job
Mike Boynton (Oklahoma State) - there is gossip that if OSU fires him, he'd be a candidate at Coastal Carolina.
Mark Byington (James Madison) - he'll be hired elsewhere. Really good coach.
Scott Cross (Troy) - from Texas, very underrated coach.
Rick Croy (Cal Baptist)
Bryce Drew (Grand Canyon)
Pat Duquette (UMASS Lowell)
Dan Earl (Chattanooga)
Kim English (Providence) - for the sake of Friar fans, I hope they don't have to go through another coaching search (back to back seasons) but English is really, really good and can do better. May not be this year, though
Dan Evans (North Georgia - D2)
Jordan Fee (Gannon - D2)
Chris Gerlufson (San Francisco)
Justin Gray (Western Carolina) - Has the WCU program trending up.
A.W. Hamilton (Eastern Kentucky)
Eric Henderson (South Dakota State)
Chris Holtmann (former Ohio State) - fired but will be a HC next year if he wants to be
Alan Huss (High Point) - has recent ties to New Mexico and/or Creighton. Two jobs that could open.
Mike Jones (UNC Greensboro) - Who? Joke aside, this dude is a winner and deserves a higher mid major job
Robert Jones (Norfolk State)
Kyle Keller (Stephen F. Austin) - star isn't as bright but if someone calls him this year, he may jump at the opportunity
Pat Kelsey (Charleston)
Andy Kennedy (UAB) - former Ole Miss head coach. He might be in his 'happy place' but at the same time, I could see someone else come calling
Dustin Kerns (Appalachian State) - currently 20-5.
Matt Langel (Colgate)
Rob Lanier (SMU)
Chris Mack (unemployed) - former Xavier and Louisville head coach. He wants a job this offseason. I'd watch Saint Louis and Xavier.
Dusty May (Florida Atlantic) - window is closing and needs to strike while the iron is hot. He'll have numerous options to choose from.
Ben McCollum (Northwest Missouri State - D2) - one of the better D2 coaches out there.
Bucky McMillan (Samford) - has never coached outside the Birmingham, AL metro area but Samford is a damn good lower level team and he's going to field numerous calls this offseason.
Sean Miller (Xavier) - rumors of some NIL unhappiness at Xavier. Being linked to Ohio State already.
Wes Miller (Cincinnati) - I would bet he stays put
Mike Morrell (UNC Asheville) - what if Odom leaves VCU? They might call Morrell
Porter Moser (Oklahoma) - I think he's at OU next year but you can't ignore the possibility of him leaving. I struggle to see a fit.
Eric Musselman (Arkansas) - listed here because it feels like his Arkansas time is over. There are strong Louisville rumors already.
Ryan Odom (VCU) - wins everywhere he goes. Son of Dave Odom.
Lamont Paris (South Carolina) - the Gamecocks are one of the biggest surprises this season. It's Ohio State or extension in all likelihood.
Joe Pasternack (Cal Santa Barbara) - should have left after last season
Bob Richey (Furman) - Furman isn't as good this year but Richey is a damn good X's and O's coach.
David Riley (Eastern Washington) - Riley is doing a good job at EWU and Riley has been at EWU his whole (early) career but what if.....Wazzu calls him?
Takayo Siddle (UNC Wilmington) - only 37 years old and doing a damn good job....yeah, it's probably time to climb the ladder.
Kyle Smith (Washington State) - with Wazzu being relegated to mid-major status + their current success, it seems like an ideal time for Smith to find a new home
Drew Valentine (Loyola Chicago) - 32 years old!!
Chris Victor (Seattle) - the job he's done at Seattle has been low-key amazing. Very tough job with a terrible gym and little-to-no resources.
Will Wade (McNeese State) - NCAA stuff aside, Wade is a damn good basketball coach and someone will relish the opportunity to hire him
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Thanks for putting this together. I had no idea Detroit Mercy has a bagel in the win column. Yikes!
Holtmann has been mediocre at best at Ohio state, which is a better job than ou is in its current state unfortunately.

Missed the tourney 3 out of 7 years and never made it past the 2nd round. Best year was with Thad’s roster. Steady decline since.
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Wes miller seems like a meh hire to me. I hope they pick him as I love seeing the Ohio suck lose.
Wes miller seems like a meh hire to me. I hope they pick him as I love seeing the Ohio suck lose.
Too many Millers, lol. Even Archie up at Rhode Island was on staff at Ohio State at one time.

My guess right now would be Sean gets the first call. It makes a lot of sense and there are rumors that Sean isn't totally happy at Xavier.
Via SportsLine oddsmakers: Who will be the next full-time Ohio State basketball coach?

  • Lamont Paris +250
  • Sean Miller +400
  • Dusty May +500
  • Chris Mack +700
  • Buzz Williams +800
  • Wes Miller +900
  • Greg McDermott +1000
  • Scoonie Penn +1300
  • Anthony Grant +1500
  • Nate Oats +1700
  • Eric Musselman +1800
  • Josh Schertz +2000
  • Pat Kelsey +2000

Bill Haisten: Candid Mike Boynton responds to OSU chatter, 'This is about talent acquisition and retention'​

Bill Haisten

Tulsa World Sports Columnist & Writer

By nature, Mike Boynton is a competitor. As an All-New York City high school basketball player in Brooklyn, and as a guard at South Carolina and now as the seventh-year head coach at Oklahoma State, he was built for competition.

In response to a Sunday Tulsa World column in which there was speculation regarding his future as the Cowboy coach, Boynton contacted the World and during a half-hour interview competed on behalf of himself.

Acknowledging that his job security is an everyday discussion topic within the Oklahoma State fan base, Boynton said, “For everyone who wants me to be fired, that’s fine. They can say, ‘You’re not performing at the expected level.’ They are well within their right to say that.”

However, Boynton added, “they can hire Billy Donovan or Phil Jackson or the coach at Langston or whoever,” but OSU success in the Big 12 Conference will be difficult to achieve unless there is a strengthened commitment to name-image-likeness resources for Cowboy basketball.

“You’ve watched a lot of sports,” Boynton said. “The teams with the better players — they’re usually the ones who usually win. It’s a simple rule of thumb.
“This is about talent acquisition and retention.”

Before the summer of 2021, when NIL and the transfer portal began to have such a huge impact on the building and maintenance of college rosters, Boynton had an 18-win season and two 21-win seasons. During Cade Cunningham’s only college season in 2020-21, before he would become the NBA’s No. 1 draft pick overall, OSU recorded the program’s only NCAA Tournament victory since 2009.

Because of transgressions committed by former OSU assistant coach Lamont Evans, who was a Cowboy staff member only during the Brad Underwood head-coaching season of 2016-17, Boynton’s 2021-22 squad was ineligible for the NCAA Tournament.

Six of Eddie Sutton’s 16 Oklahoma State teams advanced to the Sweet Sixteen level of the NCAA Tournament, and the 1995 and 2004 Cowboys surged to the Final Four. Since Sutton resigned in 2006 — with Sean Sutton, Travis Ford, Underwood and Boynton in the head-coaching role — OSU is 2-7 in the NCAA Tournament.

Since NIL and the portal changed everything during the summer of 2021, Boynton’s OSU records are 45-45 overall and 19-28 in the Big 12.

The 2023-24 Cowboys are 10-14 overall and, with a league mark of 2-9, occupy last place in the conference standings. At 1 p.m. Saturday, Oklahoma State hosts the 19th-ranked BYU Cougars.

From his office on the second floor of Gallagher-Iba Arena, Boynton can see an ongoing project — yet another renovation of the Cowboy football program’s Boone Pickens Stadium.

“I’m coming up on the end of my seventh season as the head coach,” Boynton said. “What have you heard about (the possibility) of any significant upgrades for the men’s basketball program in seven years?”

A program’s NIL war chest has become an immeasurably important piece in a coach’s ability to score talent and keep that talent for multiple seasons. Because of NIL and the portal, comparing Sutton’s first seven OSU seasons to Boynton’s seven seasons is a comparison of an apple and an orange.

That’s what Boynton wanted to discuss with the Tulsa World.

“This isn’t 1995,” he said. “The world is different now, and to an extreme degree, the world of college athletics is different. People want to question when I call timeouts and what kind of offense (the Cowboys run). I’m cool with that. But the roster is where it is because the college recruiting landscape is different.

“I think (most) people are unwilling to accept that it is very different. I have never, in 19 years, had an issue (with) recruiting good players. Ever. I’ve never had an issue with building good relationships with kids and their families, and getting kids to buy into a vision.”

A question for Boynton: How many of the 14 current Big 12 programs are known to be spending at what would be considered a reasonable yet effective level?

“Without naming specific schools, I’ll tell you what I know,” Boynton replied. “There are at least six programs operating above $2 million (on 2023-24 NIL resources) for their roster.

“There are three or four others that operate between $1 million and $2 million, and we are last. We’re barely over $500,000 in total expenses (committed to basketball athletes).”

Boynton indicated that he and OSU athletic director Chad Weiberg have “talked many times about the state of the program and the things required to be successful in today’s climate.”

In 2020, Boynton recalls, “I recruited the best class of kids that I’ve ever had. Obviously, Cade Cunningham was in that class. Rondel Walker also was highly recruited. The year before that, we had the Boones (twin brothers Kalib and Keylan from Tulsa’s Memorial High School). We had Avery Anderson.”

A year later, Boynton stocked his roster with transfers who had been at significant programs. Included in that group were big man Moussa Cisse, who at Memphis had been the American Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year; Bryce Thompson, who originally signed with Kansas after having been a state champion and McDonald’s All-American at Tulsa’s Booker T. Washington High School; Woody Newton, who had gotten substantial playing time at Syracuse; and Tyreek Smith, whose college career began at Texas Tech.

“And then,” Boynton said, “after July of 2021, NIL and the portal came into play.”

Since NIL compensation began to drive the decision-making of players, Oklahoma State’s incoming transfers previously had been at High Point, at Texas State, at East Carolina, at North Florida and at Jacksonville.

“I didn’t make a (strategic) decision to suddenly start recruiting guys from low-major programs,” Boynton said.

For OSU, Cisse was the 2021-22 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

“I’d like to get (another Cisse-caliber transfer), except it now costs a lot of money to get that type of guy,” Boynton said. “And not only does it cost a lot of money to get (a transfer of that caliber), but it costs a lot to keep him.”

Because of the prevalence of second- and third-school veteran players on rosters, Boynton stated, “college basketball is as old as it’s been” since the ’90s. During the ’80s, it was common for some of basketball’s brightest stars — like Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing, North Carolina’s Michael Jordan and Houston’s Hakeem Olajuwon — to play three or even four seasons at the college level. At that time, the superstars of college basketball were as celebrated as the superstars of the NBA.

Also, because of the severe impact of COVID-19, all scholarship athletes who were college student-athletes in 2019-20 were granted an additional year of eligibility. The term “COVID year” was coined, and there are tons of older athletes who currently are capitalizing on that extra season.

Meanwhile, Boynton’s OSU team leads the Big 12 in points scored and minutes played by first-year college players. Thompson is a senior veteran of 104 college games, but he is sidelined for the rest of the season after having undergone shoulder surgery.

OSU freshman Brandon Garrison is a former Del City star and McDonald’s All-American. At 6-foot-11 and 245 pounds, he is freakishly athletic and bouncy — but he also is 19 years old. Kansas’ Hunter Dickinson is 7-foot-2 and 260 pounds, and his age is 23.

OSU’s inexperience “is a problem in this league,” Boynton said.

Boynton is paid $2.5 million a year and his contract extends through the 2027-28 season. As of April 1, the buyout of the remainder of his contract would be equal to about 67% of the money owed to him, or about $6.7 million.

The Sunday Tulsa World column included a reference to the buyout and to Oklahoma State University’s emphasis on football over the last 20 years: Might Weiberg choose to spend $6.7 million on a basketball coaching change or would the university prefer to funnel that money to the NIL pot for football?

“That doesn’t help you be good in basketball,” Boynton stated. “You have to spend the money to get good basketball players.

“Tyreek Smith did not want to leave Oklahoma State. He came in my office three times and asked what we could do for him. He went to SMU. We can’t beat SMU to keep our player? Two years in a row, TCU took one of our best players (Rondel Walker and Avery Anderson).”

“Our fans believe we should be better than TCU,” Boynton added, “but how can we be better when TCU can come up here and take our players?”

The nearly anything-goes nature of NIL has soured a lot of fans on college athletics. Most college coaches would never be publicly critical of NIL or the portal because they wouldn’t want to alienate current players and recruits. Most transfers and current blue-chip high school recruits care a lot more about the NIL dynamic than they do about a program’s tradition and figures like Mr. Iba, Eddie Sutton, Bryant “Big Country” Reeves and Marcus Smart.

However, if coaches were injected with truth serum, there would be coast-to-coast complaints about the never-ending challenge of, as Boynton puts it, “talent acquisition and retention.”

College basketball coaching seems to have twice as difficult since 2021, and now Boynton has an added layer of stress: the chatter about his job security.

On average this season, there are about 7,000 empty seats for OSU home basketball games. It doesn’t feel like fans are staying away because of a specific disapproval of Boynton. Everyone appears to like him. It seems more than the fans are disapproving of OSU’s 2021-24 records of 45-45 and 18-29, while lacking the understanding of the Cowboy program’s deficit in NIL duels for talented players.

“Everything we’re talking about – no one cares,” Boynton concluded. “I don’t have any desire to make excuses. I don’t want to be that guy.

“I have an 11-year-old son who is very (aware) of this situation, and I tell him, ‘Bad things happen, son. You can control your response to it and how you treat people. There’s always an opportunity to take the high road.’

“When I’m in front of my team, I have to take that high road. I have to give them confidence. We have to go into every game with the belief that we are going to win.”
OSU rumors are they are keeping Boyton another year. No one wants to pay.

He called out the Athletic dept in Tulsa World Article. OSU has the least amount of NIL budget at around 500k
Seems like coaching purgatory for Boynton. But, I guess if OSU wouldn’t have NIL money for the next coach, there’s no good reason to make a change (at great expense).